Fitness at Work App

Office workers are often suffering from neck pain, insomnia, fatigue and loss of appetite, etc. All these symptoms mean that you need to take good care of your health. Our “Fitness at Work” app is designed for office workers, focusing on treatments for 10 common health issues through exercises, self-massages, and tips to promote health and wellness. Having the app in your iPhone or iPad means you can click any page and start to practise at any time. Just 5 minutes per day and you will achieve unexpected progress.

Fitness at Work includes both English and Chinese language options, why not download the app now? Start to enjoy your health and your life!

上班族的朋友们,您是否也常常会被颈项酸痛、失眠、疲劳、没有食欲等问题困扰,那就说明您需要好好保养自己的身体了。软件《办公室养生》专门为上班族设计, 针对上班族最常见的十大健康问题, 采用养生操、自我按摩、养生小贴士的形式, 达到强身健体的目的, 并配有真人图解。无论您是否有保健基础, 翻开任何一页都能立刻开始练习哦。每天五分钟, 就能收到意想不到的效果。还等什么呢?享受健康, 享受生活吧!