Water Colors App

A creative wonderland through the eyes of a photographer.

Insightful, in-depth and real.

This book details the journey of an idea that grew into a phenomenon. A perfect union of the colorful world of fashion and the weightless grace of the underwater realm. Few have ever taken on an endeavor such as this, and even fewer have succeeded.

An amazing feat of underwater photography, attention to detail and mastery of light. Every image is a visual roller-coaster ride through a magical world that few will ever see.

A girl swimming in a pool of lemons, bubbles that hug the body like crystal balls and the colorful rapture of light in the cenotes of Mexico. Set your imagination free and enter the surreal world of the photographer, and peer behind the scenes to see how each image came to be.

Enjoy these beautiful images in all their glory as an interactive application.

Welcome to the world of WATER and COLORS.