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"We are passionate about stories and all things digital. It is this passion that give us continuous energy to turn up at the office every day, even on Mondays. We nurture these passions with love because they bring tremendous goodness to you, our friend and client."


Tusitala is a digital publishing arm that produces ebooks for ereader devices and iOS apps for iPhone and iPad.

Our vision is

All stories need to be told.

Our mission is to help writers and publishers tell your stories, digitally, and ensure these stories are valued by readers worldwide. Let Tusitala handle the digital publishing process for you so that you can focus on what you do best—writing stories.



Ten Pound Book

The Digital Publishing Platform designed to power bespoke interactive book apps. Conceptualized using all the latest geeky buzzwords; extensible, scalable, modularized, pluggable, best of breed, social-media-integrated, robust, enterprise ready, HTML5, XML, RSS, MVC, CMS, and many other TLA’s (Three Letter Acronyms). TenPoundBook redefines the grey area between eBook publishing and interactive iOS App.

From large print publishers to independent self-publishing authors, TenPoundBook enables you to “go digital” in a sustainable way.